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Our Mission
By enabling technology and integrating people, processes and information UIS provides best industry specific practices for Enterprise Asset Management. Streamlining enterprise events into a centralized EAM repository for all asset types -Operational and IT, utilities are able to govern critical assets, defer costly expenditure and increase up-time. (Solution Overview)

Why Customer’s turn to UIS
Utility companies are focusing efforts to maximize utilization of existing equipment and reduce operational costs whilst facing the ever increasing challenges of aging assets, departing expertise and customer expectations. Today, with the advent of technology and the related problems of data overload, operation’s managers require the right tools for timely decision making. Optimal planning, investment and maintenance of assets are becoming vital differentiators while having a profound impact on customer service and shareholder value. By turning to UIS as their expert consultancy and engineering partner, Utilities mitigate risks and effectively handle such challenges. (Solution Overview)

Customer Value:

  • Close to a decade of T&D expertise
  • End-to-End Integration capabilities to derive true EAM value
  • Expert consultancy and Implementation team
  • Strong relationship with market leading technology companies

EAM Solution Benefits

  • Increase Asset Life Time: doing the maintenance
  • services at the right time requires real-time condition based monitoring
  • Reduce Service Costs: repairing the right asset right for the first time reduces cost of repeat visits.
  • Reduce Asset Locating Costs: knowing where the asset is located precisely and optimizing routes will reduce costs involved in locating an asset.
  • Increase Revenue: Increasing up-time, through condition based preventative maintenance, ensures energy is consumed and prevents penalties.
  • Improve ROI: investing at the right time for right equipment
  • Defer Investment: defer costly network upgrades and down time
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: by supplying services at the right quality with minimal interruption
  • Reduce labor costs: We supply work management solutions that provide intelligence about the asset, spare parts and the required skill set.
  • Minimize Stock levels: efficient maintenance and better knowledge of assets will transform the utility to “Just-In-Time” inventory.

Solution Overview
UIS offers a complete solution for EAM spanning from technology to best industry practices. UIS integrates information from various platforms by enabling EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), and utilizing enterprise wide BPM (Business Process Management) tools.

Challenges We Address

  • Utilities are asset-rich businesses, they have simple device (e.g. photocopier) up to a complex power plants, transit vans to transformers, billion of kilometers of cables and accessories in the network. It is essential that each individual asset is operated safely based on their specified characteristics.
  • Different behavior of the network or operation situation will effect the life time of individual assets. In order to monitor these critical assets utilities need real-time condition based systems.

Utilities have always held information about their assets, but this information has been kept in different departments and business units and is not integrated in to a single system. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions offered by UIS have the capability to feed information from other business processes across the utility back to a centralized asset management repository and then use new derived intelligence to improve financial and operational performance.

Integration between the Asset Management and other business processes (SCADA/EMS, DCS, Metering, Protection, Engineering database, Inventory, Purchasing, and Maintenance), allows proper risk analysis and feedback into financial to address maintenance program's and future investment in to new assets in the most effective way.

Asset management solutions need to manage all critical assets – production, facilities, transportation and IT equipment. Besides managing all asset types, optimal Enterprise Asset Management involves integration of the operational information with asset management to dynamically evaluate the status of assets based on real-time condition of the network. Operation of the network and system events affects the reliability and efficiency of assets. Lack of role-based intelligence that enables affirmative action will result in costly capital expenditure and system down-time.

Advanced analytical maintenance processes, like Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), who strategize towards increasing asset availability by minimizing downtime caused by failures, reducing an asset’s total cost of ownership and increasing overall equipment effectiveness rely on the gathered intelligence of IP enabled condition based monitoring systems, deployed in the network, with utilization of asset criticality determination historians. Lacking to integrate the people, processes and technology behind such advanced analytical maintenance processes will fail to capitalize the full potential of EAM.

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