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Our Mission
By enabling technology and business expertise, UIS provides a coherent infrastructure to model, assemble, deploy and monitor your crucial cross functional processes. Solutions provided by UIS enable the business to quickly adapt to market and regulatory changes by flexibly realigning resources – Intellectual, IT and Financial – in a structured process to maximize results. (Solution Overview)

Why Customer’s turn to UIS
World wide utilities face challenges through their on-going commitment to enhance organizational responsiveness, measure objectives, align resources, build business resilience, leverage existing data sources and increase operational efficiency. Hence, customer’s on their quest for continuous business improvement turn to UIS to provide the tools and best industry practices to moderate risks and effectively handle such challenges. UIS’ commitment is towards providing BPM solutions that allow customers to build agility in responding to their business needs while leveraging the existence of IT and operational assets. (Solution Overview)

Customer Value:

  • Close to a decade of T&D expertise
  • End-to-End Cross Functional Process Integration – Integrate processes from your SCADA/EMS, DCS, Metering, EAM, GIS, OMS, ERP and Work Management systems
  • Expert Consultancy and Implementation team
  • Strong relationship with market leading technology companies

BPM Solution Benefits

  • Build Responsiveness through your extended enterprise
  • Respond to customer expectations, competitor threats and regulatory compliance
  • Streamline and optimize processes
  • Consistent workflows, business rules and automation
  • Ensure accountability, keep a close eye on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Integration of people, applications and information while monitoring the overall business result
  • Increase employee productivity and empower your staff

Solution Overview
Business process management (BPM) is knowledge to integrate management and IT, methods, techniques and tools to design, perform, control, and analyze organization business processes by integrating people, applications and information. Utility companies same as other companies have business processes; both for internal or inter-company processes as well as external. These processes vary from simple to complex but all are important. Efficient processes enable utilities to deliver reliable energy, serve customer expectations while responding quickly to market and regulatory changes. Utilities have put upfront investment to deploy information rich systems, what is missing is a tool to define and simulate a process, integrate other systems and applications, monitoring the process end – to – end, and measuring the performance. Incorporated into UIS’ BPM offering are the Enterprise Application Integration capabilities to integrate different applications while leveraging industry best practices.

BPM Value:

  • BPM implementation transforms utility companies towards “High Performance” by breaking through organizational silos and taking a process-centric approach.
  • Enable process standardization through detailed modeling and documentation of fundamental tasks, for both internal as well as regulatory purposes.
  • Simulate processes to ensure efficiency prior to deployment.
  • Monitor for sustained results and quick problem identification
  • Evolve your business and its associated model quickly through an Service Oriented Architecture
  • Increase data integrity
  • Ensure knowledge management and prevent departing expertise.
  • Delivers instant information to management, operation and customers 24/7 will give zero latency decision. A proactive approach prevents waiting for historical reports to identify past issues.

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